Mac Training Topics for Helpdesk

  1. Enable foreign language input for a few languages. (tip: go/search keywords: mac language input)
    1. Type some text with a foreign keyboard in a word document and save it to middfiles/orgs/ITS/consultants/training/Summer 2009/Mac
  2. Misc:
    1. Try CTRL+Click on some file or folder
    2. Open Word, try Apple+C and Apple+V
  3. Create a new network location (name it with your username)
  4. Wireless (disconnect the ethernet cable):
    1. Connect to midd_unplugged. Try browsing the web.
    2. Connect to midd_secure. Try browsing the web.
  5. File Servers:
    1. Connect to your home folder and save a word document there. Try dragging and dropping back and forth between your home folder and the desktop.
    2. Disconnect from the file server
  6. Configure Entourage (tip: go/search keywords: entourage 2008)
  7. Connect to one network printer (tip: go/search keywords: connect to printer mac)
  8. Troubleshooting:
    1. Force Quit something
    2. Open Activity Monitor, check RAM, CPU, etc.
    3. Delete an entry from the keychain
    4. Delete the entire login keychain (tip: go/search keywords: delete keychain)
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