• Marratech is a free video conferencing application from http://www.marratech.com/
  • It's available in AXN105
    • It will automatically detect and use any USB mic and headphones, if they are plugged in before launching the app.
    • Login and there should be a green icon on the far right on the Dock. If not, open Macintosh HD => Applications and the green icon will be there. Double-click to open.
    • If prompted to allow this application through the firewall, administrators can click "Allow". Non-administrator users can click "Deny", the application will still function without problems.
    • To avoid being listed as "anonymous", click on the menu titled "Marratech" in the upper left corner (next to apple logo), then click "Preferences". On the "General" tab enter your name (just the name is sufficient), then click "OK"
    • By default, it opens to a page of bookmarks. Click on the "Middlebury Meeting Room", or visit http://meet.nitle.org to reach the directory of available meeting rooms.
    • By default, you can hear what others are saying, and you can see others.
    • To use your camera (so others can see you), click on the camera icon in the lower right corner.
    • To use your microphone, click and HOLD the microphone icon in the lower right corner. To send audio continually, hold down the CTRL key and then click on the microphone icon (no need to keep holding the mouse button this way).
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