MBH 331 Classroom Instructions

In this room you can project from a laptop and watch a DVD and VHS.

Turning on Equipment - You will need to pull the screen down on the opposite wall. Push the “Proj. On” button to turn on the projector.

Watching a DVD or VHS - Select the DVD/VCR button on the button panel. You will need to push the power button on the device. You can also do this with the remote. On the DVD/VCR player screen there will be an icon indicating which setting it is on, DVD or VCR. If it is not on the correct setting, push the DVD/VCR button. It is the first on the right, next to the Audio/Video inputs. You can also do this from the remote. PLEASE NOTE!!! Do not push the DVD door closed. Doing this strips the gears and eventually breaks the device. Use the Open/Close button. You can control the room volume from the button panel with the volume dial.

Projecting from a Laptop - Select Laptop button. Connect VGA cable to your computer and plug the 3.5 Audio cable into the headphone jack if needed. If you have a Mac you will need the appropriate adapter (dongle). You should have projection, if you do not have projection see the troubleshooting section of this document.

Please remember to turn off the system when you are finished.

For troubleshooting tips go to go/troubleshoot.

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