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MBH 411 Smart Classroom-Laboratory

In this space you can project from a laptop using a USB-C or HDMI cable, play a Blu-ray or DVD, or use Apple TV.

Turning System On - Touch the touch panel screen where indicated to begin. This will take you to the Main Menu.

Projecting from HDMI - Push the Laptop HDMI icon at the top of the touchpanel screen on the left. Connect the HDMI cable to your computer. If you do not have projection, go to the troubleshooting section of this document.

Projecting from USB-C - Push the USB-C icon at the top of the touchpanel screen. Connect the USB-C cable to your computer.

Play a Blu-ray or DVD - Push the DVD Blu-ray icon at the top of the touchpanel screen. Power on the Blu-ray player, Insert your disc and press play. You can control the Blu-ray player from the touchpanel. You can play, stop, fast forward, rewind, skip forward and skip backward, pause, and navigate the DVD menu with the arrows on the right.

Projecting from AppleTV/Airplay - Push the Apple TV icon on the touch panel at the top of the screen. On your computer, click on the AirPlay icon at the top of the screen on the right. A j4-digit code will appear on the projection screen. Type that code into your computer. As soon as you have finished typing the code, you should have projection.

Turning the System Off - Press the red System Off icon at the the bottom right of the touchpanel screen. Press the green Power Down icon to confirm. For troubleshooting tips go to go/troubleshoot.

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