Mahaney Center for the Arts 126

In this space you can project from a laptop with VGA and HDMI, play a DVD or Blu-ray and from a document camera.

Power on the System Press the power icon on the touch screen to go to the main menu. This will turn on the projector and lower the screen.

Lights You can control the lights from the left buttons on the touch panel.

Volume You have to use the 3.5 headphone jack on your computer even if you are using HDMI. If you have a Mac computer, you might have to go into your system preferences to choose the output of your audio. You can control the volume in the room from the large dial on the touch panel. Be aware that the audio mute is not active if you need sound. The audio mute icon on the touch screen will be light blue and the audio mute button on the right side of the touch panel will be flashing.

Projecting from a Laptop Press the Laptop icon then choose the HDMI or VGA source. Connect the appropriate cable to your computer. If you have a Mac, you may need a dongle to connect. If you have problems projecting, contact the Helpdesk at x2200 and request Media Services support.

Projecting from the Document Camera Press the Laptop icon and choose HDMI Connect. Connect the HDMI cable to the Document Camera. Press the power button, it will turn blue when it is on. Make sure the HDMI light is highlighted blue.

Playing a Movie Press the Blu-ray or DVD/VCR icon. We recommend playing both Blu-ray and DVDs from the Blu-ray player but you can also use the DVD player on the Combo DVD/VCR player. Insert your movie and press play. You can control the Blu-ray and DVD/VCR player from the touch panel.

Please be sure to power off the system when you are finished

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