Microsoft Office Document Scanning

To scan a multi-page document and convert the image to a MS Word document do the following:
1. Start Microsoft Office Document Scanning. This may be in different locations depending upon the configuration of your computer but you should find in the Microsoft Office Tools submenu of Microsoft Office. The Scan New Document window opens.
2. Click to select the type of document you want to scan in the Select a preset for scanning field.
3. If your document has more than one page click to check the Prompt for additional pages checkbox.
4. Position the first page of your document on the scanner flatbed with the top of the document closest to the hinge for the cover and then click Scan button ms document scanning.png . The document is scanned and a new dialog box opens.
5. Position a new page on the scanner bed and then click Continue . Repeat this for each page of your document.
6. When you are finished click Done.
7. Click Close on the Scan New Document dialog box.
8. On the Tools menu, select Send Text to Word. The Send Text to Word dialog box opens.
9. Select the All pages radio button.
10. Click Browse and then select the destination for your Word file. It will be displayed in the Default folder field.
11. Click OK . Word opens with the text in a new document.
12. From the File menu, select Save and save the document in the desired location. Take care to save the document in your preferred file type (it defaults to .htm).

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