Microsoft Word OSX 2004 and 2008 Basic Usage

Spelling and Grammar Checking with office 2004

With Microsoft Word 2004 for the Macintosh, you may spell and grammar check in English and a variety of languages. You must select the foreign language dictionary desired before you can spell check with any languages other than English (United States). The procedure to follow is:
1.Select the text to be spell checked.
2.If foreign language spell checking is desired, select the foreign language dictionary to use.
3.Run the spell-checker.

Selecting the Foreign Language Dictionary

1.From the Tools menu, select Language; the Language.
2.Select the language from the list.
3.If you are using your personal computer and intend to consistently use the selected language dictionary, you can set it as your default dictionary by doing the following:

- Click Default

- Click Yes to confirm the change in default dictionaries

4.Click OK.

Running the Spelling and Grammar Checker

1.Select the text to be checked.
2.From the Tools menu, select Spelling and Grammar. A dialog box like the one on the next page appears (done in English for the sake of confusing the fewest people):
3.Incorrectly spelled words will appear in red type and a suggested replacement will be highlighted in the Suggestions box below.

  • If the highlighted word in the Suggestions box is incorrect, click an alternate word in the list.
  • Click Change to replace a word with the highlighted suggested spelling.
  • Click Ignore  to accept an unrecognized spelling without adding it to your dictionary (most useful in labs where you cannot change the dictionaries).
  • Click Add  to accept an unrecognized spelling and add it to your custom dictionary.

Spelling window 2004.gif
4.If  Check grammar word 2004.png at the bottom of the Spelling and Grammar window is checked, a grammar check will be performed when the spell checker is finished. See the illustration on the next page.

  • Click Ignore  to accept the text as is.
  • Click Change to insert the text from the Suggestions box.

Grammar window 2004.gif

5.When the Spelling and Grammar checker is finished a message is displayed saying The spelling and grammar check is complete. Click OK.

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