Multi-Factor Authentication Readiness

How do I prepare for Multi-Factor Authentication?

The following tips will help ensure that your Multi-Factor Authentication setup goes smoothly.

Tip #1: Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone

Visit our Microsoft Authenticator app wiki page for setup instructions.

Tip #2: Install the Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile device(s)

Consider installing the official Microsoft Outlook app on your smartphone and tablet. The Outlook mobile app includes built-in support for Multi-Factor Authentication. It also provides remote access to Middlebury’s directory, which is particularly handy when you are on the road and need to look up someone’s contact information.


Can I use Multi-Factor Authentication without a Smartphone?

YES! You can still use Multi-Factor Authentication even without a smartphone. If you have a cell phone, you can opt to receive texts (no need to reply - just read the codes). If you cannot receive texts, you can opt to receive a voice call (on your cell phone or landline). If none of these options apply, please contact Middlebury Information Security for help getting setup.  


Email Apps and Multi-Factor Authentication

Please note that not all email apps support multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Additionally, the use of app passwords is no longer supported.

Email Apps that have been tested and confirmed to support MFA

  • Outlook Web App (Webmail)
  • Outlook.com (Part of Office 365)
  • Outlook for Mac 365
  • Outlook for Windows 365
  • Outlook for iOS
  • Outlook for Android
  • Apple's Mail app (with MacOS Mojave only)
  • Apple's Mail app for iOS (iOS 11 or newer)
  • 9Folders Nine v4 (Android App)


Emails Apps that do not support MFA

  • Spark email
  • Apple's Mail app (all versions of MacOS 10.13 and earlier)
  • Any client that requires the use of the IMAP such as Thunderbird
  • Any client that requires the use of POP such as GMail


Common issues and solutions

Email clients on mobile devices and computers may stop receiving incoming mail until MFA enrollment is completed. Should this occur, please visit Middlebury’s Webmail to complete your MFA setup and access your Middlebury email. You may need to remove then re-add your account to your email client after completing your MFA setup. For mobile devices, Middlebury ITS recommends that you use the Outlook mobile app, particularly on Android OS.


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