My Network Folders are Not Connecting Automatically

Issue: My network folders are not connecting automatically / My middfiles are not automatically mapped.

  • Note 1: This article applies only to faculty and staff Windows PCs added to our domain. The network folders are mapped automatically only on faculty/staff Windows PCs that have been added to our domain. Student computers and other computers not on our domain should see this: Using_File_Servers_-_Windows
  • Solution:
    Click Start => Run and paste this: gpupdate /force
    Restart the computer.
  • Note 2: This issue is expected and normal, if the computer was turned on when it was not connected to the College's wired network. In this situation, restarting the computer while it is connected to the wired network will resolve the issue. In addition, the drives can be mapped manually using these instructions: Using_File_Servers_-_Windows

If the issue is not resolved after trying the issue above, contact the Helpdesk. The notes below are guiding steps for Helpdesk staff and consultants:

  1. Ensure all bits of the Novell client are gone.
  2. Start => Run => Type CMD, click OK and type this in the command window: gpresult
  3. Observe the output of the above commend to see if "DFS" is mentioned anywhere, note under which heading.
  4. Using a tool such as live.sysinternals.com/autoruns.exe to see what else starts up when you login -- having lots of login/startup items may slow down or conflict with the script that connects automatically to middfiles.

Finally, you can try this: Click on Start => Run and paste this: [file://\\middlebury.edu\SYSVOL\middlebury.edu\scripts \\middlebury.edu\SYSVOL\middlebury.edu\scripts] then click OK. Make a shortcut to the file mapdrives.vbs on your desktop -- you can double-click this file when middfiles network folders don't connect automatically.

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