OCR Using Microsoft Office Document Imaging

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Normally when you scan a document, the text from the document is represented as a picture, not as actual text. OCR allows you to scan a document and have the computer extract the text so it can be used in Word, Excel or other programs.

All public PC computers have the Microsoft Office Document Imaging software. The College has a number of public computers equipped with scanners. Please visit go/findapc to find a computer with a scanner.

  • Place the document you want to scan in the scanner
  • Open Microsoft Document Imaging. Microsoft Document Imaging is standard part of Microsoft Office (it's installed alongside Word, etc).
    • Most scanner stations should have a shortcut to Microsoft Document Imaging on the Desktop.
    • If there's no shortcut on the Desktop: Start => Programs => Microsoft Office => Microsoft Office Tools => Microsoft Office Document Imaging
  • When the Microsoft Office Document Imaging window appears, click on the File menu
  • Under File, click Scan New Document. The Scan New Document window will appear.
  • In the Scan New Document window, click the large button labeled "Scan" (the button is on the right side of the window and has a picture of a scanner)
  • OCR should be performed automatically. You can click on the Tools menu and click "Recognize Text Using OCR" to ensure that OCR is performed.
  • To send the text from the scanned document into Word, click on the Tools menu and click "Send Text To Word". The Send Text To Word window appears.
  • In the Send Text To Word window, you can leave the default options as they are and click OK.
  • Microsoft Word will open with the scanned text. At this point, you should save this document to a safe location (such as middfiles) or email it to yourself.
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