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Word, PowerPoint, Excel

Open much, much faster. Stable. Very similar to Office 2007/2010 for PC. We have not discovered any issues/problems with using these. Some general notes are available below.


  • Search (and Replace) feature has changed, though it is still possible to search using the previous method.




  • Faster than Entourage - in most cases. Can be slow when opening emails w/ graphics or calendar events. (Note: Noticed this when adding a delegate mailbox).
  • Delegate functionality - works as before with Entourage (except for mailbox hosted on other exchange server).

Address Book

  • Easier to search GAL and faster.  GAL information displayed hovering over names in address fields.



  • Somewhat less stable than Entourage. Infrequent crashes when opening up HTML messages with graphics. If network connection is unstable, Outlook may lock up causing the entire OS to be unresponsive. Much improved after the latest update from Microsoft.
  • Delegate functionality is different. Can send via accounts I am delegate for, but have not been able to open the entire mailbox of the account that I am a delegate for. One workaround for this is to add the other account under Tools => Accounts using my own credentials.
  • Still has the same issue of inconsistent syncing between locally cached folders and folders on the server (i.e. I've deleted a message from my exchange account in Outlook 2011 but the message is still there in webmail). The issue seems to be much, much less frequent.
  • Outlook leaves error reports in a console. Whenever something can't be synced or an email can't be sent, it logs details about the error in this console. There is a triangle/warning icon in the lower right corner that lights up when a new error is logged.
  • If Outlook goes offline (e.g. if you cancel the username and password prompt) the only way to get it online again is to Quit and reopen Outlook.


  • The Confidential flag is not displayed or honored. There is no indication in Outlook (Mac) that a messages has been marked Confidential in Outlook (PC) or OWA.
  • When Outlook 2011 fails to send a message it stores it in a folder named Outbox. This folder may be a bit hard to find and it is not searched by the Outlook search engine (it is searched by spotlight). The Outbox folder is located right above the icon named Mail in the lower left corner of the screen. It is NOT visible when there are no messages in it.
  • Known bug: One reported occasion when copying and pasting a list of people from an email into a new message (placing the copied list in the recipients list) failed to send. Outlook reported that it could not resolve one of the names on the list, even though they all resolved when the button to resolve recipients was clicked. Double-clicking each recipient before sending the message resolved the issue. Outlook logged this error prior to the fix: The message could not be sent because it has unresolved recipients. Error code -50. Error: A message could not be sent.
  • There is at least one reported instance where Out of Office messages were set to NOT send to external addresses. This was ignored by Outlook.


  • Office reminders may crash when delaying reminders.
  • Calendar view changed drastically - multiple calendars overlaid on top of main calendar - including public calendars that you are subscribed to. This happens every time you open your calendar - you get ALL of the calendars you are subscribed to overlaid on top of each other. Unchecking the overlay stays until you switch to another window.
  • Cannot send invites if the calendar entry is in a public calendar. These seems to apply to additional calendars in other mailboxes for which you are a delegate.
  • It is difficult to enter an all-day event in a public folder calendar. All day events seem to be stored into your own calendar by default. They can be dragged and dropped into the public calendar.
    At least one meeting invite was unrecognized by Outlook 2011 - Mac, but was recognized by PC Outlook and Entourage.
  • We found at least one instance where outlook duplicated almost all calendar entries in a public calendar. Similar reports: http://www.google.com/search?q=outlook+2011+duplicate+calendar+entries

Address Book

  • Certain users can see members of GAL distribution lists but others cannot. The reason and details are to be determined.
  • No way to create or update a GAL distribution list.
  • Adding a contact to your address book directly from an email message (clicking on the sender) by default adds the contact to the LOCAL address book, so contacts added this way are not backed up or synced.
  • No way to create, update or use a distribution list in an Exchange account.


  • Calendar view neutral - sort of - like the overlay option, but not the requirement - side-by-side may be desirable at times

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