Office 2016

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Information Technology Services (ITS) began installing Microsoft Office 2016 on computers provided during the staff upgrade process in spring 2016, and computer labs across campus were upgraded to the new version in late summer. Anyone running earlier versions of Office on their Mac or Windows computer is strongly encouraged to upgrade to Office 2016, the recommended version.

Installation Details

College-Owned Computers

Effective March 2016, Microsoft Office 2016 is available for self service installation on both Mac and Windows college-owned computers.

Please note: Office 2016 applications are no longer grouped together inside a Microsoft folder. Instead, you will find the individual programs listed separately on the All Programs menu (on a PC) or located directly inside the Applications folder (on a Mac).

Refer to the appropriate link below for installation instructions:

  • Windows: Install "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016" via KACE Self Service.
  • Mac: Install "Office 2016 for Mac" via JAMF Pro's Self Service -- requires OS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher; OS upgrades are also available via the Self Service utility.

Personally-Owned Computers

Visit go/getoffice for installation details.

How to Learn More about Office 2016

Take a Short Course using Lynda
  • Office 2013 New Features (2 hrs 31min) Although Office 2013 was never widely in use on campus, this release includes some handy new features. You don't need to go through the entire course -- just watch the videos for the programs you use. For example, in about 15 minutes you can review Excel's new features.

Use Microsoft's Resources
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