About PDFs

PDF is an acronym that stands for Portable Document Format. It is a standard format that was developed by the Adobe corporation for the purpose of creating documents that would look the same when viewed or printed on any computer system.

PDFs have several advantages over Microsoft Word Documents as a format for distributing materials. First, PDFs are viewable on virtually all computing platforms without the need to purchase (or often install) additional software. Fonts and formating in a PDF document will look the same on all platforms. Printing will look the same on all platforms.

PDF documents can be created by some software programs natively and by others using a 'Print to PDF' option.

Creating PDFs

Adobe Acrobat

'Print to PDF'

Mac OS X

  1. In any program that supports printing, select File -> Print...
  2. In the printing dialog, select Save as PDF


Microsoft Print to PDF

On Windows 10 you can install the "Microsoft Print to PDF" print-driver and then choose it when printing.

Adobe Acrobat Print to PDF

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can choose "Adobe PDF" as the printer in the print dialog.

Editing PDFs

Adobe Acrobat

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