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Account Types at Middlebury

There are primarily two account types in use by staff, faculty, and students at Middlebury. Both of these should be protected by strong passwords and careful attention paid to keeping them known only to you.

  • Network accounts -- In the format of username@middlebury.edu, your network account provides access to authorized services and resources, such as e-mail, the wireless network, cloud storage on Google and OneDrive, printing, software installations, BannerAdmin, and more.
  • BannerWeb accounts -- Effective 6/19/19, current faculty, staff, and students use their network accounts to access BannerWeb. Alumni and former fac/staff continue to access BannerWeb using an 8-digit ID number and a 6-digit PIN.


Tips for a Successful Network Password Change

  • Always turn off all mobile devices before changing your network password to avoid account lockouts due to attempted connections using your old password.
  • Whenever practical, change your password while on the College network.


Changing Network Account Passwords (when your existing password is known)

Students change their network account password using this website: https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/ChangePassword.aspx


Faculty & Staff with a college-issued computer who are on the campus network

The preferred method for a password change when you know your current password is to use your computer's operating system as follows:

For Windows, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then choose Change a Password.

For MacOS, open Systems Preferences, then Users & Groups. Select your user account, then click the Change Password... button.

Important Note: If you have multiple computers, we recommended using your macOS computer to change your password.


Faculty & Staff who are off-campus or are not using a college-issued computer

Change network account password using this website https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/ChangePassword.aspx 

Once you return to campus it may be necessary to restart your computer connected to a network to update computer password. macOS will require a wireless password be updated. *Check on the implications for FileVault on macOS*


How to Reset Network Account Passwords (when your existing password is unknown)

In cases where the network password has been forgotten, faculty, staff, and students all use this link to reset their password:

    https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com   (User Id in username@middlebury.edu format)


Other Middlebury Accounts


Password Policy and Guidelines

Our password policy can be found here, along with pointers about how to create strong passwords:



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