Patron blocks

If a borrower is unresponsive to multiple overdue notices and personal emails, or at your discretion when any high-demand item (equipment, reserves, ILL, etc.) is overdue, please put a manual block on his or her record. To do so: Go to the patron record and click "edit" Double click in the "manual block" box. Select the appropriate block for the situation. Insert a note into the record explaining why the block is in place and that they must speak to either any supervisor or a specific person to get the block cleared, with a date (with year), and your initials. For example: "Long overdue digital camera - must speak with Janine. df 3/30/18" Save and close the record

Once the borrower returns the items and speaks with the appropriate supervisor, the block should be cleared. Please leave the note so we have a history of offenses. If there is a patron who is repeatedly overdue with the same item or type of item, please insert a message (which will pop up when their ID is scanned) explaining that they may not check out x item. For example, "May not check out digital cameras. DF 3/18/18".

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