Mac Web Kiosk With Plainview

LIS has a couple of Intel iMacs that can be used as Kiosk.  One of the most common request is to show a webpage full screen.  Using the software "Plainview" from the Barbarian Group you can setup a basic web Kiosk that has a few small security features to help keep the machine a kiosk instead of a ransacked mess.

Plainview can be downloaded from http://www.barbariangroup.com/software/plainview and is a drag and drop installation.  Once installed you can set it to open at login, then go into the preferences and set it to run in Kiosk mode and to load a specific page by default.  A nice added functionality is that it will allow you to update the page it is on after so long of inactivity.

Kiosk & default home page are set in the Preferences.  Once in Kiosk mode (which only works on a single monitor setup), you can hit "command /" to prompt you for an admin username/password to get out of Kiosk mode.

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