Printer Installation and Usage

This document will guide you through installing and using printers.

Install a Printer on a PC

For documentation on how to connect to the College's network printers on your PC, please visit Connect_To_Network_Printers_-_Windows

Install a Printer on a Mac

For documentation on how to connect to the College's network printers on your Mac, please visit Connect_To_Network_Printers_-_Mac_OS_X

Printer Service, Troubleshooting Printers and Printing Issues

For details on obtaining printer service, as well as troubleshooting and resolving issues with printers and printing, see the article  Troubleshooting_Printers_and_Printing_Issues.

Printer Supplies - Obtaining and Using


How do I replace the toner cartridge?

Usually, instructions are available directly on the toner packaging (or a slip inside the toner box). Instructions may be displayed on the printer's LED screen or inside the toner compartment. For some specific cases see the list below:

  • Kyocera FS9530DN: Replacing the toner is very easy and available on the packaging. The Kyocera manual details the procedure as well. Kyocera recommends cleaning the printer each time the toner is replaced. Cleaning the printer is easy and the procedure is available in the manual.

How do I recycle used toner cartridges?

See Recycling_Electronics.

How do I obtain toner?

  • Toner for public printers (e.g. Davis Family Library, Sunderland computer labs, etc) is stored in a cabinet near the printer. Toner is checked and replaced daily, but if a printer is out of toner, contact the Helpdesk. Note that the toner is delivered automatically by Symquest, whenever Symquest's automated system detects that the printer is running low on toner. The Helpdesk can order more toner out of cycle, if needed. Emergency stores of toner are available in the Libraries and in Sunderland.
  • Offices and departments that have printers with Symquest tags should contact Symquest.
  • Toner for personal inkjets or laser printers that do not have a Symquest tag should be ordered by the person that uses the printer.


How do I obtain paper?

  • Paper for public printers is ordered by the Helpdesk. Public printers are checked and filled with paper daily.
  • Please contact Facilities Services to obtain paper for office/departmental printers, as well as individual faculty and staff printers.

A public printer is out of paper and there are no paper boxes around. What do I do?

Public printers are checked and filled with paper on a daily basis. In the event that a public printer is out of paper and there is no spare paper around, contact the Helpdesk. Most of the paper is stored inside cabinets that Helpdesk consultants can access. If the cabinet is out of paper the Libraries and Sunderland have an emergency store.

Printing to Public Printers

The article Printing_to_public_printers gives a good overview of using our public printers. Recently, the College implemented two changes (the Print Release System and Revamped Student Printing), both described in the articles below.

Print Release System

The College has implemented a new Print Release System. For details, see the article Print Release System.

Student Printing and Quotas

Student printing, including quotas, are detailed in the article Student_Printing_and_Quotas.

Miscellaneous Printer Notes

Canon Printer Drivers Direct Download Link (Mac and PC)

For some reason, the canon website makes it awfully difficult to obtain the drivers. Here's a direct download link for canon printer drivers (mac and pc): http://www.usa.canon.com/html/download/imagerunner.html

Adding printers that have mailbox features

These printers may prompt for an ID number before you are able to print (use your college ID or try a blank ID). They may need updated drivers (see above)

Special Printers

Xerox Workcentre 5150 Installation

We have at least one Xerox Workcentr 5150 printer on-campus. It is setup to do job accounting, meaning that your ID must be programmed into the printer to you to be able to print. Furthermore, your computer needs to be configured so that you can input your ID when you print. See the Installing a Xerox Workcentre 5150 Printer on Your Computer page for more details.

Xerox Work Centre 245/255 Documentation

Several locations on campus have Xerox Work Centre 245’s that are capable of making copies, printing documents, sending a FAX, and/or scanning documents. Documentation is available on the Xerox website as well as in our Xerox Work Centre 245-255 Documentation article.

HP DesignJet Z2100

Currently located in CFA340. There are some issues with printing via a print server on Macs, power saving issues, and paper size issues on Macs. See the HP DesignJet Z2100 article for more details.

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