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Hyperion is a web-based reporting tool used primarily for reporting from Banner and Famis.

Hyperion Workspace

Hyperion EPM 11 is still used at Middlebury. Hyperion needs specific settings in order to run correctly. You must use Middlebury's Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environment with a VPN connection to access Hyperion successfully.

To learn about RDS, see go/rdshelp.

To access the RDS environment directly, use go/rds.

Supported Operating Systems and Web Browsers

  • Macintosh OS is not supported for use with Hyperion.
  • Internet Explorer is the recommended web browser. Version 11 is supported as of 9/14/2015.

How do I request access to Hyperion Reports?

In order to access Hyperion reports please contact the appropriate person below based on the types of reports you need:

Installing the Interactive Reporting Web Client

In order to run Hyperion Reports you will need to install the latest Interactive Reporting Web Client.

You can find the installation instructions here: Hyperion#Install_the_Interactive_Reporting_Web_Client

NOTE: If you are accessing Hyperion from anywhere other than ON CAMPUS, you MUST use a VPN client (Virtual Private Network) to create a secure connection. If you do not have a VPN client on your computer, please visit the VPN_Setup_on_Windows,_Mac_and_Linux page.



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