Scanning and OCR using Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 on Mac and PC

You can use Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 to scan documents and perform OCR on scanned documents. LIS has a limited number of licenses for Adobe Acrobat Professional 9, Mac and PC - please contact the Helpdesk to check whether we can install this on your College computer. Note that Acrobat Pro 9 is installed in some public locations - visit the software inventory page to find these locations.

The instructions to scan and OCR a document with Acrobat Pro 9 are the same for Macs and PCs:

  1. Scan the document using these instructions: Scan a paper document to PDF
  2. Perform the OCR in Acrobat using these instructions: Recognize text in a scanned document.
  3. You can then save the PDF (File => Save or Save As), email it or upload it to a website. You can also export the PDF to another document format such as Word so that the text can be edited.
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