Scanning with OCR

Papercut Embedded Scanning with OCR

Scanning with Optical Character Recognition enabled allows any scanned documents to be text searchable. This technology makes documents more functional and accessible.

Short Description

  • Log into Middcolor or MiddBW printing device with your Middlebury credentials or ID. Middcolor and MiddBW are labeled as such with a sticker on the device.
    • In Vermont, they can also be searched for using this link: https://go.middlebury.edu/printers/
    • All Monterey printing devices use the Middcolor and MiddBW queues.
  • Select Scan from the first page
  • Select "Midd Email OCR" and then proceed to scan and email the document following the prompts on the screen.

Detailed Description with Screen shots

The OCR feature is turned on for the new units that use PaperCut Embedded scanning. The new units have a Sticker on the front near or under the screen that has the word Middcolor on it. To use the OCR feature please use the following steps.

  • Login to the device with your username and password or College ID. The ID is faster and you can use either 6 or 8 digits. If you have a 5 digit ID, add a leading 0 to make it 6. See the screen shot below for an example login screen.
    papercut MF login window, log in with username and password or middlebury ID
  • Once logged in, touch the scan option to enter scan mode.
    papercut options which include print release, device functions and scan.
  • Select the Midd Email OCR option
    Papercut scan actions, including Midd email OCR, your Midd Email, send to other midd email, your midd google drive, your midd one drive
  • The next screen will look similar to the one below. If you are only doing a one page scan, you can uncheck the boxes at the bottom of the screen. Leave additional pages checked if you want to add more pages to the feeder or platen after the inserted ones are processed. Leave New Document checked if you want to create a new document after the current one is processed. The defaults are listed on the right and should be similar to the picture except paper size should be letter instead of A4. Touch change settings if you need to change the defaults but be aware that increasing the DPI will increase the file size and there is a limit to attachments in most email clients. Select Start to begin.
    papercut embedded scan details page where subject and filename of scanned document can be set
  • After the scan is finished you may see an additional screen with options similar to the one below if you had either of the boxes checked at the bottom.
    papercut scan complete page, give option to scan additional pages or finish scanning.
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