Scheduled Distribution of Hyperion Reports with NO Output

TechNote: Scheduled Distribution of Hyperion Reports with NO Output

Problem User receives an email regarding the successful completion of a scheduled Hyperion report. The email may normally include an Excel spreadsheet that is missing.


---Original Message---

From: email@domain.edu Sent: Mon, July 10, 2006 7:51 AM

To: Distribution List

Subject: Notification -- Schedule: ZZCODE_Housing_Changes Job: ZZCODE_Housing_Changes -[Success]


/Student/Housing/Output from SGASTDN_Housing_Changes To view the schedule: Click here

The following job output types were specified for delivery, but not generated by the job: csv

---End Original Message---

If the user clicks on the link (ie: "/Student/Housing/Output from ZZCODE_Housing_Changes") the user would also see a message that the "Job generated no output files." The more noticeable message that “An error has occurred” leads the user to believe that the job failed, despite the fact that the email says the job was a success.

CAUSE As the message indicates, an output was specified for delivery but the job did not produce any output.

RESOLUTION None. The scheduled job ran as designed.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION This situation is confusing to the end-user. Hyperion does not provide a mechanism for case-based end-user feedback when using the built-in job notification process. Some functional areas are interested in developing alternatives, but priorities/resources may preclude doing so any time soon.

Applies to: Hyperion Client users

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