Second Life

Second Life is proprietary simulation software created by Linden Labs that is currently one of the top choices for creating collaborative Virtual Environments. The Second Life client application and account creation are free for all users although payment is required to rent or buy your own land.


Second Life at Middlebury

LIS is currently working with a growing number of faculty in order to support virtual world development for educational purposes here at Middlebury. The first of these projects to be hosted within Second Life is Professor Quinn Mecham's Virtual state simulation (The Terra Project) for his Fall 08' PSCI 0103 course.

Introduction to Second Life

For those interested in trying second life, here are some step-by-step instructions to walk you through creating an account, logging in, and familiarizing yourself with the interface and functionality that Second Life has to offer.

Terra Project-Specific Instructions

If you are a member of the Terra project or wish to become a member please follow the instructions on this page to join the group, get to Middlebury's land, and begin performing other Terra citizen-specific duties.

Terra Project - Scripting & Documentation

This article includes scripts used to facilitate voting, surveys, taxes, ideology tests, etc for the Terra Project. The scripts are also explained in depth for those people in charge of facilitating these activities as administrators of Terra.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources for beginning to advanced Second Life users:

The Second Life Support Center - This is Linden Labs' official support center for everything Second Life. All information is broken up into lists of frequently asked questions organized by various topics. New users who are looking for the answers to some basic questions should check out the Second Life for Beginners area.

Second Life Wiki - Here is the main page of the unofficial Second Life wiki. This is a great resource for more advanced Second Life topics like building, scripting, and selling.

Instructables LSL Guide for Beginners - This is a guide to scripting in Second Life designed for the beginner who has never programmed before. It breaks everything down into some nice easy-to-follow steps.

Wonderhowto.com - This site has lots of nice how-to video tutorials for building and scripting things inside second life.

Heaton Research - This website offers some great guides to creation and scripting in Second Life. Although the guides are sold in both hardcover and digital forms most of the chapters are available for free on this site. The site contains 3 guides for Second Life: -Introduction to the Linden Scripting Language with Second Life -Introduction to Textures, Animation, Audio and Sculpting in Second Life -Scripting Recipes for Second Life The guide to the Linden Scripting Language is particularly useful for beginners who are either new to LSL or have never scripted before.

-This Script Generator website allows you to answer a few questions in order to autogenerate scripts to be cut-and-paste into Second Life. Check it out for some simple scripts to change colors, follow avatars, etc.

Finally, the LSL Portal is the scripting portion of the Second Life wiki and is geared towards the more knowledgeable scripter. This site features both a detailed LSL function list complete with useful sample scripts as well as some great tutorials to practice scripting hands-on.

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