Setting up the VMD Biomolecular Tutorial

  • Install VMD using the MSI from the NIH website: http://www.ks.uiuc.edu/Research/vmd/ (can install to paths w/ spaces)
  • Unpack the tutorial (downloaded from http://www.scs.uiuc.edu/~schulten/tutorials/evolution/index.html) (unpack to a path without a space, e.g. c:\evolution-tutorial).
  • Inside the unpacked tutorial folder you will find BLAST:
    • Create a folder at the root level of C (no spaces, e.g. c:\blast).
    • Inside it, create a folder called db.
    • Copy the BLAST install exe to that folder and double-click it - it will unpack itself.
    • Add c:\blast\bin to the system path.
    • Add a new system environmental variable BLASTDB and set it to c:\blast\db.
    • Add a new system environmental variable BLASTDATA and set it to c:\blast\data.
    • Open notepad, type the following in:





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