Share an Excel File with multiple people and allow simultaneous write access

It is possible to share an Excel file with several simultaneous read/write users. If you think through it, you may realize that this can cause conflicts - what if two people type data in the same cell one after the other. Whose input is accepted? So there are a questions along those lines that you need to think about. You should feel free to play within your own ORG network folder on middfiles -- try the process with another person from your department before going out and sharing it with another department.

The details on how to share an Excel file with read/write access are available here:
Excel 2007: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HP100968331033.aspx
Excel 2003: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HP052025951033.aspx

Once you determine if this will work or not, if you need to share the file between different departments, you'll need to request a new folder to be created and give us a list of the people that need access. But before you request a new folder, please try it within your existing folders to determine if the process is feasible or not.

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