Sony Sound Effects Series

Sony Sound Effects Series


The Sony Pictures Sound Effects™ Series is a comprehensive collection of professional grade sound effects and dynamic audio design tailor-made to help elevate any production to the content quality standards of the Hollywood entertainment industry. The sounds in this astonishing series were hand-picked from Sony’s expansive archives, one of the most recognized and respected in cinema.

This ten-disc set contains over 2,300 effects in a wide assortment of categories, and includes liner notes and interviews with some of the genre’s most in-demand creators. Unlock the full potential of your artistic vision with the most exciting sounds ever recorded.

Volume 1: Animals / Natural Elements Volume 2: Backgrounds Volume 3: Home & Office / Impacts / Weapons & Explosions Volume 4: Vintage Cartoon / Sports & Recreation / Vocals & Wallas Volume 5: Vehicles Volume 6: Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Horror Volume 7: Explosions / Combat / Weaponry Volume 8: Backgrounds / Weather Volume 9: Period Effects: Devices / Backgrounds / Combat Volume 10: Period Effects: Vehicles

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