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Slides_SC is a custom site which lives on the midddigital(formerly maozi consult Brian Carson) server. It was built in 2008/9 by Brendan Owens. The site is designed to be displayed on an LCD screen through firefox using full screen mode. It is a flash based slideshow that can play through an xml playlist of images or video. The back end allows you to edit the xml playlist. The URL for this editing page is midddigital.middlebury.edu/Slides_SC/playlist.php.


This is a general help section for the page playlist editor.

Playing the slide show

In your browser (Firefox is recommended) navigate to http://midddigital.middlebury.edu/Slides_SC . The slide show will open in a small flash player inside the browser. Simply click the small button on the bottom right-hand side of the player to enter full-screen mode. The slide show should now be playing full screen on your monitor.

Edit the playlist

Through the administration interface it is possible to edit the currently existing time lines. In this section there is first an explanation of how to generally approach manipulating the time lines and then a more in depth discussion of each of the areas of the administration panel.

Add an Item (Picture)
  1. first upload a picture using the box titled "Add to Images Folder"
  2. then click the (images) button in the "Add to playlist box"
  3. Find the image you just added and click on its name. Use the view button if you can't remember the title.
  4. Fill in the Title field, the caption field and the duration field if you want to make the duration of an image something other than 20s.
  5. Finally click (submit new)
Add an Item (Video)
  1. first upload the video to the middmedia server at http://middmedia.middlebury.edu
  2. In the "Add to Playlist" box fill out the Title, Caption, and Duration (in seconds) fields
  3. For the File field use the download link for the video from middmedia provided by clicking the "Embed Code & URLs" link for that video on your middmedia account page
  4. Finally click (submit new)
Edit an Item
  1. click the item you want in the "list" box (it will highlight blue)
  2. then click the "edit selection" button in the "list" box. This will fill all the relevant fields in the "add to Playlist" box above with that item's Title, Caption, Duration, etc.
  3. Make any changes you want to the Title, Caption, or Duration fields (Do not change the File field or else the program may not be able to find the correct image or video file).
  4. Click on the "submit edit" button in the Playlist box to save the item's newly edited information.
Reorder an Item
  1. click the item you want in the "list" box (it will highlight blue)
  2. the click the swap box this moves the item out of the list database into the swap database.
  3. now to move the item back into the list by clicking it in the swap (it will highlight blue). Once it is highlighted select the space where you want to insert it in the playlist. Once you click it will move into this space. Reorder Complete.
Delete an Item
  1. click the item you want in the "list" box (it will highlight blue)
  2. the click the swap box this moves the item out of the list database into the swap database.
  3. press the delete button at the top of the swap box to remove the top item in this list


Authentication for the back end is done through CAS. When CAS returns the user's group membership timeline_creator/index.php searches through these groups to see if one of them is Special Collections LDAP. If it is a session variable authenticated user is set to true. There is a variable $Allowed which holds the name of the special collections LDAP group.

Config File

The configuration file holds all the variables necessary to move or create a new instance of the slideshow or to move the slideshow to another server.

Image and video compatibility

  1. video - flv, mp4,h.264 : videos from middmedia must be add using the file field in the "Add to Playlist box." Use the download link as the content for this field rather than the streaming link.
  2. image - jpg, png, bmp, gif
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