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Printing from Your Personal Computer

(For information about how to submit print jobs from your personally-owned computer, see these instructions.)"

Departmental Printing and Copying

(For information about Departmental Printing and Copying, see these instructions.)

Logging into PaperCut

PaperCut users are granted access to a set of basic web pages providing them with the ability to:

  • View their account balance
  • List recent account activity
  • Use tools to add value to their account
  • Request a refund in cases of printer malfunction


To log in type one of the following into the address field of your browser:




Students must authenticate using your network login credentials



Guest Access

 See Guest Printing and Copying for more information


PaperCut User Interface

Once you login PaperCut you are presented with your account summary.


Specific tasks can be performed by selecting from the menu items on the left.


Transaction History


The transaction history page displays a user's balance history in detail. Here a user can see how, when, and why their balance was affected.


Recent Print Jobs


This is an example of print and copy history. It allows you to see the cost or to find a particular job.  The filter criteria allows for many different views of jobs and can be used to easily drill-down to find the information required. Refunds can be requested through this form by indentifying the job in question and clicking the Request Refund link in the Status column.


Jobs Pending Release


Jobs Pending Release allows users to view and cancel individual jobs. You can see the cost of the job before printing.  (After 18 hours have elapsed, your print jobs will be erased from the system.)


Printing from Your Own Computer: Mobility Print (New)

Mobility Print enables you to install print queues on your personally-owned computer then print directly from your applications. Use these instructions to set up printers on macOS and Windows computers.

Note: Middlebury is currently not supporting mobility printing from Android, Chrome, or iOS devices.

  Add Funds to Your Account Purchase a $5.00 PaperCut cash card at:

  • Wilson Cafe in Davis Family Library
  • MiddExpress in McCullough Student Center
  • The Food Cart outside of Armstrong Library
  • The College Store in Proctor Hall

While on campus, using a college networked computer, apply the purchased cash card(s) to your account.

  1. In a browser window, type in go/papercut or https://papercut.middlebury.edu/user
    • The "PaperCut registration" page will appear.
  2. Click Redeem Card.
    • The "Redeem Card" window will appear (shown below).
  3. Type in your card number.
  4. Click Redeem Card button.
  5. Your PaperCut account will be credited $5.00.

If you purchased multiple cards, follow the above steps for each card.



Click Logout to protect your account and personal information.


Public Copying and Scanning Instructions

Using the PaperCut System to Photocopy Documents

The public photocopiers in Davis Family Library (rooms 142 and 242), Armstrong Library room 155, and MiddXpress have a touch panel which you may interact with using your finger to touch your selections. The machines in Davis Family Library room 142 and Armstrong Library room 155 copy in both color and black & white. They also have a control panel with a keypad and other buttons such as Start, Stop, and Reset. When you approach the copier the Log In page for the PaperCut system should be on the touch panel.

Log into the PaperCut system using one of the following methods:

Username and Password method:

  • Touch the Username and Password button.
  • Touch the Username field to acquire an insertion point. The screen will change to a touchable keyboard - use it to enter your username.
  • Touch OK.
  • Touch the Password field to acquire an insertion point
  • Enter your password using the touchable keyboard. Specify Upper-case, Lower-case, or No./Symbol by touching the buttons that indicate a change in keyboard is required.
  • Touch OK.
  • Touch Login.

ID Number method:

  • Touch the ID Number button.
  • Touch the ID Number field to acquire an insertion point.
  • Enter your 6-digit College ID number (drop the two leading zeros) using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Touch OK.
  • Touch Login.

When you have a print job in your queue:

  • A PaperCut Held Print Jobs screen will appear.
  • On the left will be the print jobs in your queue.
  • Select a print job.
  • On the right details and buttons will appear.
  • Select print.
  • When finished press the Logout key.

When you have no print jobs in your queue:

  • To copy:
  • The Use Copier Functions screen will display.
  • Select Use Copier Functions.
  • Insert items to copy.
  • Change set up as desired.
  • Press the Start button.
  • When finished press the Logout key.

Extremely Important!
When you finish press the Logout or Authentication Logout button on the control panel.

Using the PaperCut System to Scan to Email

1. Follow the Login instructions in step 1 above to login.
2. The Ready to Copy screen will display on the Touch Panel. Press the Send button on the control panel. The Ready to Send screen will display.
3. Touch the Address Book button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
4. Touch the Address Book drop-down list and select Ext Address Book.
5. Touch the Family Name button and use the on-screen keyboard to enter the last name of the Middlebury community member to which you want to send a document.
6. Touch OK
7. Touch OK
8. Touch the check box to the left of the name you want so it becomes checked. The name may be unique or you may have to select it from a list.
9. Touch OK.
10. Insert the document(s) to scan and press the green START button on the control panel.


Extremely Important!

When you finish press the Logout or Authentication Logout button on the control panel.

Printing and Copying Costs, Policy and Quotas

Visit go/print for complete details about all aspects of printing and copying.


I have a printing or copying problem

Report It!

Report printer or copier issues immediately by calling 802.443.2200 or visiting our Walk-In Helpdesk, located at LIB 202 on the main floor of the Davis Family Library.  This expedites troubleshooting and enables Helpdesk staff to get the printer back in service more quickly. Also, Papercut refund requests are only granted if the Helpdesk has been informed of the problem.


Requesting a refund

As stated in the Policy section above, students will be required to submit requests for refunds through PaperCut when errors and problems arise. Requests for a refund will be processed once a week by the Helpdesk during regular business hours. Urgent requests will be considered depending on the situation.


Note: refunds will not be given for user error (duplicate printing, selecting wrong printer, etc...)


To request a refund follow these steps:

  1. Sign into PaperCut and select the Recent Print Jobs menu option.
  2. Find the job that had a problem and in the column of that specific job record, select the link: Request Refund
  3. The Refund Request displays with details on your job in question. In the Refund Amount box select Full amount or Partial amount.  If selecting Partial amount enter the partial amount you are requesting as a refund.
  4. Enter information in the Reason for Request field and then press the Send button.


Your refund request will be processed within one business week.


Armstrong Library Plotter - printing to plotter instructions

How to print to the plotter at Armstrong:

Please note: Armstrong Library must be open in order for you to retrieve your print job from the plotter.  See go/hours to check.

  1. Log in to a computer in Armstrong 161 computer lab or BIH 116/117 labs or the set of computers closest to Armstrong 209. These computers can connect to the Armstrong plotter, which is located in Armstrong 155. They also have the software you probably used to create your poster (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Reader, or PowerPoint).
  2. Open your poster and send it to the plotter (POSTERS-209). Release your poster to the plotter from any print release station. Your account will be charged $1.50 per linear foot.
  3. Go to the plotter in Armstrong 155.
  4. You will have to wait several minutes for your print job to be completed. Do not tear the poster from the plotter; wait for the plotter to cut the paper for you. Tearing the poster can cause expensive damage to the plotter.

Reimbursements for printing to the plotter:

  1. Students who are printing a poster for a class: Some departments might cover the cost of printing a poster for a class. These departments will have submitted your name to LIS at the beginning of the semester. LIS will have credited your account as instructed. Contact your department with any questions.
  2. Students who are printing a poster for the Spring Symposium: The Undergraduate Research Office (URO) will cover the cost of printing a poster for the Spring Symposium. You will receive a username and password from the URO for this. Contact the URO (uro@middlebury.edu) with any questions.

Davis Family Library Plotter - printing to plotter instructions

How to print to the plotter in the Davis Family Library 242: Printing to the Davis Library Plotter

Departmental and Generic Accounts, Printing, Copying & Scanning

See Departmental Accounts & Printing Information



Davison Library (Bread Loaf) Printing





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