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For Students

Dorm Room Telephones

We provide courtesy telephones in all residence halls. These telephones are located in common areas and hallways.  In smaller houses there is one courtesy phone in a common area. These phones may be used for emergency calls to 911 or Public Safety at 5911, to call campus phones by dialing an extension, and to make local and toll-free calls. Outgoing long-distance calls require a calling card.  Calls may be received directly when callers dial these numbers using 802-443 and the extension number.

In Room Telephone Service - Academic Year Only:  If you desire a telephone land line in your room, you may request service through the Personal Information link on [1].  There is a $50 installation fee per academic year.  You can expect service within approximately 2 weeks of your request.  You will need to provide your own telephone. 

There is no dorm room telephone service available for students in the summer.

Cellular Telephone Service:  At present we find that Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, and Sprint offer the best reception and service plans for the Middlebury area. For details on any company's coverage, please visit their Web sites. Pre-paid cellular services are also an option:  Net10 and Tracfone work well on campus. If you order from them online, use the Middlebury zip code, 05753. Students should also understand that reception can be weak in some campus locations, particularly McCardell Bicentennial Hall, due to building construction and materials.

Fax Services for Students

Incoming Faxes:
An incoming-only fax machine is located in the Mail Center in McCullough Student Center. The number is 802-443-2068. Faxes received at the Mail Center will be delivered through campus mail without notification.

Outgoing Faxes:
An outgoing-only fax machine is located on the main floor of the Davis Family Library. Faxing from this machine is free.
Career Services has a fax machine you may use for job applications.

Dialing a fax number is the same as dialing a phone number:

Local (Off Campus) Calls:
     Dial 9 + the seven-digit local number
Toll Free Calls (800, 888, etc.):
     Dial 9 + toll free number or telephone number
Long Distance Domestic Calls:
     Dial 9 + long distance number
International Calls:
     Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + number

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