Student employees

Confidentiality Agreement

The confidentiality agreement and contact information web form can be found here.



  • What made you apply for this job?
  • Any customer service/library experience?
  • Talk about a good customer experience.
  • Talk about a bad customer experience.
  • What is your major and how did you chose it?
  • Tell me about your experience working with the public, and did you enjoy it?
  • How would you describe yourself as a worker, include strengths and weaknesses?
  • What extracurricular activities are you involved with this year?
  • How would a classmate describe your work style?
  • If you had a choice, would you rather cook an elaborate dinner or go water skiing?
  • Are you applying for any other summer on or off campus jobs and/or internships, LS, BLSE, BLWC, etc?

Hired on __________________________________________
EPAF to SEO _________________________________
Added to Student Directory ___________________________

Job Description

Level A
Circulation Assistant - General

Pay Level Criteria
• Requires no previous training or special skills other than basic computer skills
• Requires minimum and finite on-the-job training
• Does not require supervision of others

Specific Responsibilities
• Provide front line customer service at the main library circulation desk. Tasks include check in and out of all library materials, equipment and media; constant verbal contact with library patrons.
• Be knowledgeable of library building and functions
• Provide support to reserves, stacks, and ILL
• Foster team work and a friendly approachable atmosphere and environment
• Demonstrate a willingness to learn and complete tasks with time constraints
• Become familiar with and utilize every aspect/module of library circulation computer system
• Assume responsibility for adhering to schedules and working guidelines. • Exhibit willingness to accept direction from supervisors

Agree to work a minimum of three 2-hour shifts per semester AND during exam period. May require evening and/or weekend shifts

• Professional and upbeat manner
• Strong communication skills
• Flexible
• Confident

Policy Handbook for students

The handbook can be found here.

Reference release form

The release form for a reference from the library can be found here .

Scheduling Notes

Student employee shift sign up procedures - Davis Family and Armstrong

  • Will be at the opening hour on the assigned day (suggested and endorsed by the student schedule focus group in 1/08)
  • Date must be after all students have registered on Banner.
  • Try and keep the total number of student workers as low as possible each semester
  • Aim for 6-8 hours per student each semester. There will always be exceptions and will be reviewed on a case by case basis as those exceptions arise
  • First years or first time workers – pls caution them to a max of 2- 3 shifts for first semester
  • On the assigned day, an empty schedule will be available at the Davis Family circulation desk
  • Students can come and sign up for 4 shifts maximum and 2 minimum. Must be signed up in person only. No phone calls or emails accepted.
  • Students abroad may send requests for 2 shifts each before all get the chance for 4. Now may add 2 more requested shifts per abroad student.
  • Wait 48 hours for all to pick 4 max/2 min and then open the remaining slots to all

Exceptions to the normal schedule (all branches):

  • Exam weeks and breaks will be by sign-up 
  • The Sunday at the end of a break will usually be on the regular schedule

Tips for good customer service

  • Avoid lengthy personal discussions
  • Avoid intense studying
  • Don't spread your homework out on work areas
  • Leave counter areas free for transacting business
  • Project a welcoming and helpful attitude
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile
  • Ask “May I help you?”
  • Be attentive
  • Notice when someone approaches the desk looking for help
  • Refer to a Circ supervisor if you are not sure of the answer or procedure

Training checklist

Student ______________________________________

Start Date ____________________________________

Date Training / Orientation Complete _______________

30 Day Performance Review Date: _________________

  • Millennium Circ Module - Check-in/out; Search/Holds; holds, requests, bookings, messages; Midcat; My Midcat
  • Shift Routine and Expectations (see Job Performance Expectations)
  • Customer Service
  • Emergency Manual
  • Circ blog and Facebook.
  • Circulation Wiki
  • Schedules

Additional training materials

Student training archive

Training quiz


  • Tour of circ area; tour of library
  • Keys
  • Equipment and laptops
  • ILL
  • Media Collection ( browsing & restricted )
  • CD collection
  • Film Screening
  • Book Drops
  • Returns - hold shelves
  • Reshelving carts
  • Borrower Info on web
  • New books/materials
  • Front desk - supplies
  • Phone
  • Cash
  • Gate Alarm
  • Stacks orientation w/ Todd
  • Searching - missing books
  • Placing requests
  • Reserves orientation, policies and procedures w/ Kellam
  • Desk stats (stats week)
  • Library Borrower web pages
  • Help desk
  • Public Safety and when to call; problem users etc.
  • Distribution lists and directory
  • Employee policies, timesheets and time entry, Banner, meal break policy; payroll/direct deposit
  • Schedules - substitute policies, Outlook/Google, group email; confirm work schedule; orientation; shadow/training shifts
  • 1-month review

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