Style Sheet for Creating Tutorials

The following style sheet was made by Steve Bertolino and Andy Wentink in March 2012, with input from other liaisons, as a guide for creating future LIS video tutorials. As we are still creating new tutorials, this style sheet is very much a work in progress. Many thanks to Larraby Fellows, Community College of Vermont, for her guidance and recommendations!

First and Last Slides

The first and last slides of all video tutorials involve a simple, classic and classy setup, and the mechanics of the first and last slides mirror each other. The first slide is white, and within two seconds, “Middlebury” fades into view, 1/3 from the top of the slide, centered, in the official typeface (Bembo), in the official blue (Pantone 294). (The specific font size will have to be set; we don’t know the “correct” size at the moment.) Within the next two seconds, the title of the specific video tutorial appears, 1/3 from the bottom of the slide, centered, in the official typeface and blue color, at whatever size is most legible. After another two seconds, the entire slide crossfades into the beginning of the tutorial.

The last slide reverses this: the end of the tutorial crossfades into the final slide, again solid white. Within two seconds, the words “Library & Information Services” appear, in Bembo in Pantone 294, 1/3 from the top of the screen, at whatever size is most legible. Within the next two seconds, http://go.middlebury.edu/askus appears 1/3 from the bottom of the screen, at whatever size is most legible and keeps the link within one line, again in Bembo in Pantone 294. The slide freezes on this, so the link stays active after the tutorial ends.

There is no need for a tagline or motto. The official College Seal is only for use “on business cards and letterhead and on presidential and official academic communications, such as diplomas.” (http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/news/communications/identity/wordmark) so we don’t think we should use it on tutorials. We also don’t think the shape of Davis Family lends itself well to being represented imagistically in a useful way.

All Other Slides

In regard to typeface throughout tutorials, we recommend the use of Cambria, a TrueType typeface, commonly found in the Microsoft Suite. Cambria offers an elegant, very readable script which is also clear without being overly large as a typeface. Black should be the default color on white or light backgrounds, with white the default color on dark or black backgrounds. We deliberately want to allow flexbility of font size (12 pt., 20 pt.), style (italics, bold), and formatting (bullets, hyperlinks).


We propose a maximum of 2 minutes as a baseline for all tutorials, understanding that exceptions will be made for more complex or complicated topics. But the default expectation is no more than 2 minutes for most tutorials, and exceptions made only in rare cases.


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