Summer of 3D 2008

If Summer 2007 was the birth of 3D at Middlebury College then Summer 2008 is its coming of age. There currently eight projects under development by the digital media lab staff. One of the lead developers of 3D at Middlebury college is leaving during this stressful time. He however is not without compassion and has leaft instructions and documentation so as to save the digital media staff from utter ruin. Many of the projects this year will require the use of software beyond blender. Some many of the virutal world projects will require a real time 3D rendering. Other projects will require specialized programs with statistical capabilities such as Vizard. There are even some projects that will only exist in Second Life. The projects are

Accomplishing these projects is a top priority for advancing the use of 3D in education at Middlebury College.

Results of Projects

This is a space to talk a little bit about result achieved during the implementation phase of each of the projects.

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