Talk:LIS Goals 2008-09

This is a work-in-progress. The intention is to write down in a single place all of the goals of LIS for the year, to understand what resources we'll need in order to achieve these goals, and to make sure that we are making regular progress on them. One way of thinking of this is that it serves as the table of contents for next year's annual report (minus the stats!). I hope that we can also use this as a way of communicating with the various people we serve (students, faculty, staff) , and to connect our goals with the goals of the College, as expressed both in the College's strategic plan, and as articulated by individual departments and programs in their own goal-setting activities.

Status reports:

Improve visibility and access to online academic library resources


  • Continue and complete online migration of Subject Guides to SubjectsPlus or Segue. (status and updates in italics)
    • 67 subject guides (go/subjectguides is the landing page in the CMS for all the guides)
    • 47 in SubjectsPlus (to a greater or lesser degree depending on librarian responsible)
    • 2 in Segue (to a greater or lesser degree depending on librarian responsible)
    • 1 in WordPress (Student Symposium)
  • Employ and exploit functionality of SubjectsPlus. (status and updates in italics)
    • Let this become the “title list”
      • It’s searchable, browsable, and “chunked”
      • SubjectsPlus has EZProxy function
      • Another (non-SubjectsPlus) possibility Mike Lynch and I have discussed is ERM for controlling “ title list” and its various functions.
    • Create plugins to allow imbedding in Segue like the MIDCAT search I created. (not started)
  • Continue development of other web-based guides, e.g., “Doing research in the Middlebury Libraries”. Consider using video format for some brief, repetitive instruction segments.
    • This has not been explored pending the reorg.
    • Presumably, it will involve liaisons heavily
  • Develop “Resources for Presenters” guide for Spring Symposium. (Done-see below)


Library users are able to find their way to resources they need on their own via the LIS web pages.

People/Area Involved:

LIS Librarians, web committee(s); Joe A and Mack R.


Subject guide migration completed by start of 2009-2010 academic year;

Spring Symposium guide in place by March. Done and I linked it into go/subjectguides
This is actually mostly Carrie Mac’s project she did with Mack.

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