Talk:Viruses and malware

So I revised a lot of the prose on this page. A big issue that we student consultants had with this new policy page is that it's highly impersonal, whereas we were perfectly okay with offering personal assistance before this new policy page came about, so I wanted to give the prose a more personable feel. I kept the basic skeleton of the page but fleshed it out a bit, especially about what re-imaging means and how the user should make as much progress as they can before they get in touch with us.

In the future, I should have emailed my draft to Jim before I went ahead and revised the page. I'll point out that if anyone finds that my edits are dire, they can certainly be edited over, or the page can be reverted to how it was before I changed it up.

Big suggestion for future edits: compiling a list of alternate anti-virus (e.g., AVG, Norton, etc.) and anti-malware (e.g., Spybot Search & Destroy, Windows Defender, etc.) programs and a brief description of their effectiveness.

- Dan

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