Troubleshooting Microsoft Word

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Common Problems and Fixes

Acrobat Pro version 7 is not compatible with Office 2007

  • Some functions (like File => Print => Acrobat PDF) work, but in general it's not compatible.

Creating PDF documents from Word and preserving hyperlinks

  • In Word, if you have a document that has embedded hyperlinks, the links may not be preserved if you use File => Print => Adobe PDF. They are preserved if you choose the "Convert to Adobe PDF" option under the "Adobe PDF" menu, next to "Help", in Word.

MS Word freeze-ups

  • Due to unavailable network printer: If a network printer is configured as a default printer and the computer is connected to the internet but the printer is not available (for example, if the computer is off-campus), Word may hang when you open the Print dialog box. (Acc. some reports, may even cause Word 2003 to freeze on launching.) Solution: change default printer. PDFCreator [1]?
  • Due to unavailable mapped network drive: In MS Word, when you go to Save As..., Word tries to scan all mapped drives listed in the pulldown menu to determine whether they are available. If a mapped drive can't be reached, Word will keep trying to ping it until it finally times out and gives up - but it doesn't learn from this giving up for next time. Solution: Go to My Computer and unmap any unavailable drives - but make sure the user has a way of getting back to them again. (Shortcut on desktop?)

Removing a phantom horizontal rule/bar/line

  1. Select the paragraph where the horizontal bar appears and click on the "Format" menu, then select "Borders and Shading".
  2. Click on the Borders Tab.
  3. Under "Setting", click in on "None", and click OK.

How do I turn off the border on a text box in MS Word?

For Office 2003 and earlier:

  1. Place the cursor inside the text box
  2. From the Format menu, select Text Box
  3. Under the "Line" section choose "No Line" from the "Color" dropdown menu

For Office 2007:

  1. Place the cursor inside the text box
  2. From the Format tab, select "Shape Outline" and click "No Outline"

Remove blue wavy underlines in Word

In Microsoft Word:

  • Go to: Tools -> Options
  • Click on the Edit tab
  • Uncheck the box beside "Mark formatting inconsistencies."

Shutting off the Reading Layout view in Word 2003

In Word 2003 How to stop it from opening in the double pane view for proofing or reading (called reading layout).

  1. Tools/Options
  2. Choose General tab
  3. Uncheck the box beside "allow starting in Reading Layout"

Macros and viruses

Word documents can contain macros which are small scripts that automatically perform complex or repetitive actions in MS Word. Unfortunately macros can also have extensive control over your computer, so they can be used to write viruses. Any system that can run macros in a MS Word document, is also vulnerable to macro-based viruses. Use and run macros with care.

Word 2008 for Mac keeps crashing

The grammar check on larger multilingual documents seems to cause the crashes.
The fix is to disable automatic grammar check
Open Word => Preferences => Spelling and Grammar, uncheck "Check grammar as you type".

Word documents open in Terminal on my Mac

Solution: Make sure that the name of the file ends in .doc

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