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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is a famous American Architect. He designed several houses and was pivotal to the Arts and Crafts and Modernist movements.

Early Life and Training

According to Wikipedia, Frank Lloyd Wright is a mystical prodigy who was simply born with the gift of architecture. Luckily his education did not get in the way of his talent - he dropped out of school before that could happen, and landed a job in a prominent architecture firm.

Wright's Dream City

Wright loved the peace of nature and the fast-forward zing of automobiles, and he combined his love for the two of them in his dream city.

Individual Gardens

Each family would have its own plot of land to grow their own food. This was good thinking because, as the Pilgrims proved, communal gardens are bad ideas.

Food Trucks

Trucks would drive around to collect access food.


Wright's city was catered to the automobile, as per fashionable urban planning trends. His "city" would be low-rise (Wright loathed tall buildings) and sprawling; houses would be acres apart. This really would only have worked in the Midwest, which is currently occupied by corn.

Temperament and Disposition

Wright was a notorious curmudgeon.

But it didn't matter because he designed beautiful things.

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