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There are many support resources that exist in the Middlebury College campus. One of them includes the Anderson-Freeman Center, otherwise known as the AFC. The following picture shows faculty, staff, students, and alumni reunited to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Anderson-Freeman Resource Center.


The Anderson-Freeman Resource Center is a recent resource center that just opened this last fall of 2015. It is a resource center that essentially strives for diversity and inclusivity in the Middlebury community. It was both a memorable and historic moment for Middlebury College “in particular, for students of color; first-generation college students; students from low-income backgrounds; LGBTQ+ students; international students; and other students who have been historically underrepresented or marginalized in U.S. higher education."

Please consider the following to get to know more about the AFC!

For more information about:

  • Other general information concerning the AFC please see, go/afc
  • The historical background of the AFC see, go/afchis
  • The mission statement of the AFC see, go/afcmission
  • Discovering the meaning behind AFC’s name see, go/afcname
  • Learning more about the AFC’s team see, go/afcteam
  • Contacting the AFC team please see, go/afchours.

The general hours are listed in the go-link and you can feel free to drop by and have a visit! A second option is to see go/afc and click on the tabs to the left side of the screen. It will guide you through all the topics mentioned above and more! Simply scroll down and find "Anderson Freeman Resource Center".


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