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This page is designed to help student supervisors in User Services plan, hire, train, and supervise student workers. This page has been set up as part of the User Services goals (see here and here).

Student Employment website


August - finalize fall schedules, plan for hiring, post openings, fill out PAFs for returning students

September - interview, hire, train

October - fall break

November - plan for Thanksgiving, exam, and Christmas break schedules.  24/7

December - finalize J-term schedules

January - interview, hire, train.  Finalize Spring schedules

February - interview, hire, train

March - 12th: Student job extension from deadline

April - 23rd: Summer student employment contract deadline - interview and hire

May - finalize exam and summer schedules

June - train

July - cruise control, make up stuff for students to do

Number of students

Circulation: AY - 40-50, depending on schedules ; Summer: 7-9


Media Services: 15-20 per semester 4 during summer

Job Description



Media Services http://cms.middlebury.edu/administration/seo/job_opportunities/on_campus/job_descriptions/c/lis/900711.htm




Media Services Application is oral

Interview Questions

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Media Services

Training Checklists



Media Services https://segue.middlebury.edu/ui2/editview/site/film_screenings/node/1099607

Customer Service

(NOTE: Feel free to add more, edit, etc.)

  • Stop, don't panic, think
  • Avoid lengthy personal discussions
  • Avoid intense studying
  • Don't spread your homework out on work areas
  • Leave counter areas free for transacting business
  • Project a welcoming and helpful attitude
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile
  • Ask “May I help you?”
  • Be attentive
  • Notice when someone approaches the desk looking for help
  • Refer to a supervisor if you are not sure of the answer or procedure

Other useful information (scheduling notes, training guides, etc.)



Media Services https://segue.middlebury.edu/ui2/editview/site/film_screenings/node/1099607 Filemaker Pro4.1 as a scheduling tool

HTML sent to screeners

User Services uses the Outlook Calendar scheduling tools

Our advertising and potential hire information collection is done through (green tree, online apps, and word of mouth)

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