Using the Scanners from Public Computer Labs

A number of our public computer labs have scanners, their numbers and location are outlined at go/findapc. Most of the are connected to PC (Windows) computers. Scanning is done using Microsoft_Office_Document_Scanning. The general procedure for scanning is this:

  1. Turn on the scanner (some of the scanners are always on and don't have a power button, but some do).
  2. If the scanner has a green LED that indicates its status, wait for the green light to stop blinking. This indicates that the scanner is ready to accept scans.
  3. Place your document in the scanner, close the lid.
  4. Open Microsoft Office Document Scanning (a shortcut is available on the Desktop and on Start => Programs => MS Office => Microsoft Office Tools).
  5. Follow the instructions in this article: Microsoft_Office_Document_Scanning.
  6. When done, remember to take your documents from the scanner.

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk.

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