Videoconferencing Services

General guidelines

  • Book early
  • No cost involved
  • Set-ups are all plug and play once you know how to use them
  • Video is from camera with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities and shows people in the room; in some spaces (see below) you can also connect a laptop computer and send that screen to the other party.

Midd Campus

Videoconferencing is available on the Middlebury campus using Polycom videoconferencing systems in select locations (listed below). Unless otherwise specified, the locations must be reserved by the scheduling office. All systems use IP based videoconferencing to connect with another videoconferencing system.

To request a consultation about doing a video conference call

If you are considering a videoconference call but are not sure where to start, please review the options below and contact the Helpdesk and give us a brief overview of your needs. Keep in mind that we require at least five business days notice to support events.

To request video conferencing assistance in one of the locations listed below

  1. Select a convenient location from the list below and contact the appropriate office to schedule the location (in most cases the appropriate office is Events Scheduling, but check below for details). If you need advice on which location is best or if there is no available space, let the Helpdesk know that this is the case and we will try determine the best option.
  2. You should contact the other end (the far side) of the videoconference to obtain the IP address of their video conferencing equipment and their technical contact person.
  3. Contact the Helpdesk (x2200 or helpdesk@middlebury.edu) and provide us with the information you collected in step 1 and 2 above. We require five business days notice to provide assistance.

NOTE: If none of the options listed match your needs or schedule, please contact us and give us a brief overview of your needs. We will try to find a suitable solution. We would still need at least five business days notice to provide assistance.

Accommodating Your Videoconferencing Needs

All of our videoconferencing spaces are not identical. Depending on the needs for your event, we can advise on which space will best accommodate you or your group. Below, under each location, we’ve suggested possible use cases that match the design of the room. For example, some of our spaces have two monitors, which allow users to see both a PowerPoint presentation and the remote participants. Other spaces only have one monitor, which still allows for a PowerPoint presentation, but users cannot see both the PowerPoint and the remote participants at the same time. If you have questions, please consult with Media Services by e-mailing helpdesk@middlebury.edu or creating a Helpdesk ticket (go/whd).

Videoconferencing locations - permanently equipped rooms


We have several spaces on campus that have full systems in place that support Zoom.  You have the option to use the Zoom Room (a Zoom meeting specific to that location) or you can join your personal meeting from the room equipment.  

  • Hillcrest 103: This space has a full system that allows the speaker and audience to be seen on camera. Contact Media Services for training.
  • RAJ: This space has a full system that allows the speaker and audience to be seen on camera.  Contact Media Services for training.
  • MBH 216: This space has a system that can be control with the installed PC.
  • MAC 125: This space has a system that can be control with the installed PC.
  • DFL 105 A&B: This space has a full system that allows the speaker and audience to be seen on camera. Contact Media Services for training. 
  • DFL 230: This space has a system that can be control with the installed PC.
  • 700 Exchange Street Maple room and Marbleworks 001 and 110: Ther is an external camera and microphone in these spaces that you connect to with your computer. 
  • OCH Boardroom: Contact Barbara McBride for further information.

Videoconferencing locations - portable carts

There are a few options for portable video conferencing on campus, but media services strongly urges reserving one of the permanently equipped video conferencing locations (listed above). These spaces have state of the art video conferencing technology which offers a much higher quality threshold than any portable equipment.

If there are no permanently equipped spaces available or if they do not meet your needs, please email the Technology Helpdesk (helpdesk@middlebury.edu) for a consultation.

Attending a job interview using videoconferencing

All students inquiring about videoconferencing for the purpose of job interviews should contact the Center for Careers & Internships before proceeding further. Career Services will act on behalf of the student as their sponsor.

MIIS Campus

  • There are three rooms with permanently installed videoconferencing equipment:
    • Van Buren 499 (capacity is variable as the room has configurable furniture)
    • Fletcher Jones Instructional Lab
    • the McCone Boardroom
  • In addition, there are two portable videoconferencing units - book/reserve 2 weeks in advance
    • Graduate School of Business has two large, fixed screens in Lecture Room and Gathering Hall
    • Other spaces on campus could be used as well
    • Technology best suited for 6 - 8 people

Video / Web Conferencing from a Computer

Middlebury now has Zoom licensing available for all Middlebury faculty, staff and students. Zoom is a powerful web conferencing tool. For more information or to start using Zoom, please visit http://go.middlebury.edu/zoom.

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