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The Web Technologies & Services workgroup develops custom web applications and customizations to existing web applications, such as Drupal and WordPress MU.


All of our code is kept in Source Control. We use git, a distributed source control system. Code that is currently only available internally, such as our custom Drupal themes, are kept in private Github repositories. Some of our projects are maintained in our on site gitweb repository. If you would like access to this information, please contact us for the username and password. Our public code is available in the Middlebury github page, Adam Franco's github page. Our collaboration with Amherst on Monster Menus is also publicly available.

Workgroup Procedures

Web Browser Support

This section applies only to the applications supported by the Web Technologies & Services group. This does not include Banner and INB. For information on those platforms, please see Troubleshooting Banner and BannerWeb.

Our policy is to make a reasonable effort to support every version of a major web browser (see list below) that is currently supported by the company or group that produces the browser software. If you are using an older version of one of these browsers, our site might work, but you are encouraged to upgrade. If you are using a development, testing, or beta version of one of these browsers, our site might work, but we have found there are usually a few glitches that tend to get fixed before the final version is released.

Known Issues:

  • In Microsoft Edge the right pane of the image selection dialog in Drupal will sometimes not appear.
  • Some users on the Middlebury or Monterey networks are unable to load miis.edu sites in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge due to a block in the Sophos Web client. If you experience this, you should contact the Helpdesk or use a different browser.


Web Technologies & Services maintains many web applications for Middlebury. Rather than rely on a single service to manage all needs, we attempt to find best of breed tools for the most common requests. The full list of services supported by Web Technologies & Services is available in the Service Catalog.


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