Windows 7


  • update documentation below for VPN - new Juniper server?
  • Test connecting to an old ethernet/network switch like the one in Walkin
  • Test Campus Manager registration- should be fixed as of mid-August, 2010
  • KMS Server (check with S&N group)

General Network Troubleshooting Notes

  • Much like Vista, Windows 7 tries to determine whether you are using an unknown or a known wired or wireless network. Sometimes it fails to recognize that you are using a previously used (a known) network. Disconnecting from the wired or wireless network and reconnecting seems to fix this.
  • When connecting to midd_secure don't use MIDD\username (just the username is enough)
  • Wireless sometimes displays wireless network names that were nearby before the computer went to sleep. Wait a minute or enable/disable the wireless adapter and this will clear.
  • If you set a static DNS on your wired or wireless connection Windows 7 may remember this as a network profile and may revert to it even after you've changed it back to automatic DNS. This can happen after hibernation/sleep, shutdown or restart. Uninstalling and reinstalling the network driver per these Microsoft TechCenter instructions seems to resolve the issue.

Administrative Systems

INB, Hyperion - MIIS reports good to go, so long as Admin privileges set for Hyperion issue


Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007

The installation works just like in Vista and XP and they are fully compatible.


Windows 7 Imaging

Misc. Notes

  • Control Panel does not have a classic mode

Wired Ethernet

  • Seems to work fine, but see TODO list on top.


  • midd_unplugged does not require a password, but is an unsecured connection that is treated like an off-campus connection. This means access to middfiles and other campus resources will be difficult while connected to midd_unplugged.
  • midd_secure requires manual configuration (but it may be possible to script the setup)



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