Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8, release October 26, 2012, is the latest version of the Windows operating system. As with any new operating system releases, there tend to be numerous patches following the initial release date, as well as potential software incompatibilities, hardware compatibility issues, and other potential issues connecting to services. For these reasons, early adopters may encounter more problems and find there is less support available to them for issues encountered, until the operating system has had time to mature. LIS does not recommend or support upgrading to Windows 8 at this writing. As older operating systems may not be available or viable options for the latest hardware, this page is meant to provide a spot for early adopters to share any known issues and solutions to problems.

New Features & Changes

  • The most obvious change is the new "Metro" (tiled) interface, which appears when you boot the computer. So far, desktop users generally prefer the Desktop interface, which is more like Windows 7, but without the Start menu.

Incompatible Applications

Applications with known compatibility issues

  • no Chinese Traditional language support

Printer & Scanner Compatibility

Updates on compatibility - news, updates, upgrades

Current Issues & Areas of Concern

  • As with previous versions of Windows, the Professional or Enterprise editions better support use in an Enterprise environment - Windows 8 edition is NOT recommended for use on institutional
  • Tablet devices - no classic user interface

Testing Notes

Some services, drivers & applications to test: -SMB/CIFS, DFS, drive mapping via GPO, Juniper VPN, INB, Hyperion, Nolij, VMWare, Remote Desktop Connection & Remote Assistance, GoToAssist, Papercut printer client & printer installation/updating, Keyserver,

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