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[[Category:electronic resources]]
[[Category:electronic resources]]
[[Category:MARC fields]]

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Use this Quickquide for both direct electronic resources (CD-ROM's, computer disks) and remote electronic resources (websites).

006 Additional Material Characteristics

Type of record:

m computer files: computer software, numeric data, computer-oriented multimedia, online systems & services [use if bib record type is not already coded m , e.g., electronic books]

Type of computer file :
a numeric data
b computer program
c representational
d document
e bibliographic data
f font
g game
h sound
i interactive multimedia
j online system or service
m combination
u unknown
z other
**Note: If item is monograph (type of record = a) remember to check 008 field to see that this fixed field is correct:

Form of item: s electronic

007 Physical Description Fixed Field

$a Category
c computer file
$b Specific material designation
j magnetic disk
o optical disc
r remote
$d Color
a 1 color
b black & white
c multicolored
g gray scale
m mixed
u unknown
z other
$e Dimensions
a 3 1/2 in.
g 4 3/4 in.
n not applicable
$f Sound
blank no sound
a sound
u unknown

More complete instructions are available at OCLC's Bibliographic Formats site: 006 , 007 .