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Use this Quickquide for both CDs and cassettes.

006 Additional Material Characteristics

Type of record

  • non-musical sound recording
  • j musical sound recording

Form of composition

  • nn not applicable (not a musical composition)
  • mu multiple forms
  • zz other forms not found on this list
    See MARC fixed-field elements for other choices.

Format of music

  • n not applicable (not music manuscript/printed music)


  • j juvenile

Form of item

  • <> blank

Accompanying matter

  • d libretto or text
  • r instructional materials
  • z other
  • <> blank

See MARC fixed-field elements for other choices.

Literary text

  • a autobiography
  • b biography
  • d drama
  • f fiction
  • i instruction ("how to . .")
  • j language instruction
  • l lectures
  • o folktales
  • p poetry
  • t interviews

See MARC fixed-field elements for other choices.

007 Physical Description Fixed Field

$a Category

  • s sound recording

$b Specific material desig.

  • d sound disc
  • s sound cassette

$d Speed

  • f 1.4 mps (discs)
  • l 1-7/8 ips (cassettes)

$e Configuration of playback channels

  • m monaural
  • q quadraphonic
  • s stereophonic
  • u unknown
  • z other

$f Groove

  • n not applicable

$g Dimensions

  • g 4 3/4 in. (discs)
  • j 3-7/8 x 2-1/2 in. (cassettes).

$h Tape width

  • l 1/8 in. (cassettes)
  • n not applicable

$i Tape configuration

  • c quarter track (cassettes)
  • n not applicable

$m Special playback characteristics

  • e digital recording (Item requires digital playback equipment; e.g., most CD's)
  • u unknown

$n Capture & storage (how sound originally captured/stored)

  • d digital storage (Disc may say "DDD") e analog electrical storage (Disc/Cassette may say "ADD" or "AAD")
  • u unknown

More complete instructions are available at OCLC's Bibliographic Formats site:006, 007.

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