006/007 for Videos & DVDs

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Use this Quickquide for both videorecordings and DVDs.

006 Additional Material Characteristics (same for both formats)

Type of record

  • g projected

Running time

  • 3-digit number that indicates total running time (e.g., 055)


Type of visual material

  • v videorecording


  • a animation c animation & live action l live action u unknown
  • z other technique

007 Physical Description Fixed Field

$a Category

  • v videorecording

$b Specific material desig.

  • d videodisc
  • f videocassette

$d Color

  • a 1 color b black & white c color m mixed n not applicable u unknown
  • z other

$e Video format

  • b VHS g laserdisc
  • v DVD

$f Sound

  • a sound on medium b sound separate from medium
  • u unknown

$g Medium for sound

  • h videotape
  • i videodisc

$h Dimensions

  • o 1/2 in.
  • z other (use for all videodiscs)

$i Configuration of playback channel

  • k mixed m monaural n not applicable q multichannel, surround, quadraphonic s stereophonic u unknown
  • z other

More complete instructions are available at OCLC's Bibliographic Formats site: 006, 007.