24/7 exam hours

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General access/security

  • In an emergency, call Public Safety, x5911
  • Access card needed to enter Davis Family Library between 11 pm and regular opening (PS programs exterior door for card access only - 24x7 Access (using MiddCard) begins at 11 pm on first day of 24/7 & ends @opening on morning of last day
  • A security officer (contracted through an outside security service) is scheduled at the Info Desk 12:30 pm – 7:30 am (Fri 11 pm – Sat 9 am; Sat 11 pm – Sun 9 am)
  • No guest passwords between 11 pm and 7:30 am any night (9am on Sat/Sun)
  • Alert Public Safetey to any non-Midd users in building after card access - our priority is to our student users - we are not open at night for guest users

Circulation/borrowing policies

  • No Circulation Services for borrowers after-hours - the Circulation Desk closes and opens at the regular time (when a Circ supervisor is there to close); 1 am closing Sun – Thurs and 11 pm closing Fri and Sat; opening 7:30 on weekdays and 9 am on Sat/Sun
  • No LIS support services available from regular closing to regular opening times
  • NO check outs
  • If someone wants to renew or check out reserve books, laptops, media, interlibrary loans, etc., they need to do so before 1 am – we can hold the material for them and they can stop by the next morning
  • YES - we will accept returns.
  • The check-in station will remain on. Check in and re-shelve returns; check in and place all equipment returns on top of laptop carts
  • Dan's office will be locked, but the general key drawer will remain unlocked in case of emergency

Overnight procedures and responsibilities

  • Hourly gate count. A form will be on a clipboard at the side counter. Maintain a record of accurate and timely gate counts!
  • Responding to printer and copier troubleshooting, requests for help with microfilm, etc. is at the discretion of the student assistant, as long as it does not take you away from the desk for more than a couple of minutes
  • Re-fill stapler and tape dispensers at Info Desk as needed
  • Remain at Circ Desk – only scheduled staff should be behind the Circ Desk
  • Respond to the gate alarm – hold any materials that may not be checked out – offer to hold for check-out the next day
  • Observe general building activity from the desk. (Obviously you aren't able to canvas the entire library this way, but anything helps.)  Are people working, or just sitting and talking? Are people watching movies? Are people sleeping? Write comments on the hourly gate count form.
  • Your safety is of great importance!  If you at any time feel uncomfortable or threatened by another student at the Desk, immediately withdraw yourself from the situation, into the back of the Circ area or an office if necessary, and call Public Safety.  Then call the Security Guard at the Info Desk as well.
  • If copiers/printers/readers/fax breaks down, post out of order signs (in “forms” file drawer) and send an email to Helpdesk with specifics of the problem, which they can address the next day.  Copy the Library Circulation mailbox (library_circulation@middlebury.edu) with any requests, problems, questions that need follow up.
  • Email the Library Circulation mailbox (library_circulation@middlebury.edu) with any requests, problems, questions that need follow up
  • Refer borrowers questions to daytime/evening supervisors for follow-up
  • Provide general answers to Circ-related questions
  • Serve as a backup regarding Library questions to the security officer at Info Desk
  • Refer safety problems to the security officer and Public Safety if warranted
  • Stay awake!
  • Check in with closing supervisor before they leave to get any further instructions
  • Check in with opening supervisor when they arrive and update them night activity
  • Call your replacement if they do not arrive – check the schedule on Outlook, do not leave until your replacement arrives
  • Call a supervisor with major problems ANYTIME. But call Public Safety first. Cell phone numbers are located on the bulletin board in space 250B
  • Eat snacks! Available for student assistants scheduled for the night shifts. (Watch that the tea/coffee pot does not boil away)

Closing/evening - supervisors

  • Closing shift - make an announcement at 30 min. before closing to renew or check out any materials needed overnight: “Your attention please, the library will remain open but the Circulation Desk will be closing at 1am (or 11 pm Fri and Sat). If you need to check out laptops, media, or reserve books, please do so in the next 30 minutes. Thank you.”
  • Evening and closing routine is mostly the same with a few exceptions/additions - listed below
  • DO NOT turn off lights (if lights go off, turn back on immediately)
  • If Atrium lights go off, email the LIS building coordinator - he will contact FM
  • Double check that the ADA function is working on front (interior) doors
  • Double check that Main exterior doors are locked
  • Log off all computers and Millennium (do not leave on!)
  • Re-start 1 computer at front desk and 1 computer at returns area - also restart Millennium on both.
  • Review shift schedules etc.
  • Notify on-call supervisor if there are shift, schedule problems/gaps
  • Post desk CLOSED sign
  • Set out gate/head count clipboards
  • Close doors of equipment carts/closets/drawers but do not lock (open for returns)
  • Lock fac/staff laptop closet
  • Lock 250A office but leave general key drawer unlocked
  • Closing supervisor sets out snacks and refreshments for night shift staff (kept in 250A for overnight shift only)

Opening/days - supervisors

  • Opening routine – double check that equipment is checked in and returned to equipment holding areas
  • Opening staff replenishes/prepares snacks & drinks for night shift
  • Email two overnight students in the morning to make sure they know they are working the overnight

Safety officer at Info Desk/orientation

  • Review staffing with Safety Officer (A security officer is scheduled at the Info Desk 12:30 pm – 7:30 am (Fri 11 pm – Sat 9 am; Sat 11 pm – Sun 9 am)
  • Circ Evening Supervisor: Schedule brief building orientation with Safety Officer
  •      o Review Emergency Procedures Manual
  •      o Review Building Map
  •      o Review how to contact Public Safety
  • Responsible for walk through building hourly
  • Counts and records hourly head counts
  • Responds to emergencies (calls Public Safety).
  • Refers problems to PS
  • Public Safety officer continues to provide regular walk through
  • No guest passwords after 11 pm

Checklist to prepare for 24/7

Prior to 24/7 – Review about 1 month in advance and 1 week prior


  • Review and update Circ policies/procedures
  • Review procedures and expectations for night shifts


  • Confirm budget
  • Confirm security service
  • Time plus half for student assistants working overnight (submit temp paycard for extra "pay")
  • Confirm $ to purchase snacks (save receipts and submit LIS purchase reimbursement form)


  • Confirm actual 24/7 hours
  • Verify that correct hours are posted on web
  • Begins at 9 am the 1st day of 24/7; ends at 8 pm on the lst day
  • Card access required for outside doors between 11 pm and regular opening; inside doors unlocked during that time

Security service

  • Contract with security service to arrange staffing; email to confirm date range and specific schedule
  • Schedule time to review responsibilities, schedule, orientation the 1st night
  • Alert PS; need to request that access ID cardis activated

Facility - Collaborate with LIS Facility Coordinator

  • Facilities Management - verify that lights are programmed to stay on all night during 24/7
  • Public Safety - verify that exterior doors programmed to require card access between 11 pm and regular opening times
  • Post hours signage
  • Post signage regarding priority use
  • Publicize hours - LIS blog; LIS Administration alerts campus by email to 24/7 exam hours; sidewalk chalk "signage" outside front doors
  • Room reservations - 4 hour max room reservations - notify all areas scheduling rooms
  • Guest access - no passwords during overnight hours; student have priority use
  • On 1st night - post small pink sign "these interior doors are locked when the library is open 24/7"


  • Student employees and regular/on-call Circ staff (1 student employee or staff member in 2 overnight shifts), in addition to regular student exam hours shifts during day/evening
  • Shifts: 12 midnight – 4 am and 4 am – 8 am; until 9 am on Sat and Sundays; from 11 pm on Fri and Sat nights
  • Opening/closing staff schedules remain the same
  • Regular and on-call staff may need to fill overnight gaps in the schedule


  • Schedule training/orientation for student employees covering the night shift
  • Student orientation to Mill login/password; libcirc1/password


  • Create/update forms and clipboards
  • Log sheets for head count (recorded by security officer)
  • Log sheet for gate counts
  • Circ Desk "CLOSED" signage (include regular hours when desk if open; returns welcome etc.)


  • Shop for snacks (cold caffeinated tea drinks, cold caffeinated coffee drinks (not hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate), juice/juice drinks, soda, individual packages of healthy energy snacks, cheese and crackers, granola bars, cookies, mini-chocolate bars, biscotti, chips, sweet and savory options…)
  • Staff and student staff - bring own re-use mug/drink container to save $ and environment
  • Winter Parking ban policies in effect during Fall exam period - park in staff lot behind Libary - not on the street


  • Maintain daily stats of gate and head counts in shared folders for each semester
  • Record hourly head and gate stats on paper log sheets; transfer to on-line stats sheets
  • At end of 24/7 period, add totals to comprehensive semester stats sheet
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