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R25 is being replaced by its newer version “25Live”. You will be able to use 25Live exactly as you have been using R25. To prepare for 25Live, you need to install the following program - a Citrix client - to your computer. This installation will not affect your use of current R25 at all. The Scheduling Office will be contacting the users of R25 when the time for a full switch from R25 to 25Live comes.

Instructions for installing the Citrix client for 25Live

  • Go to http://www.extrasys.com/downloads/ica_clients/ica32pkg.msi and save ica32pkg.msi to your computer.
  • Double click on ica32pkg.msi to install the Client Application:
    • On the 'Select Client' screen, the only client you want is the Program Neighborhood.
    • Click on the icon next to "Web client" and choose "Entire feature will be unavailable" so you do not install it. Repeat for "Program Neighborhood Agent".
    • The default values are fine, so continue to click "Next" until you reach the end of the installation.
  • Copy the attached file "25Live Middlebury.ica" to your desktop. You will double click this icon to run 25Live.