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ARTstor is a huge digital library of art-related images that Middlebury is subscribed to for class use. Many students on campus rely on ARTstor to view art images which they need to memorize for classes. However, ARTstor's interface can be a little complicated. This article is here to document how to use ARTstor effectively.

Registering on ARTstor

  1. Go to www.artstor.org .
  2. Click the GO button near "Enter the ARTstor digital library".
  3. In the box "Log in to ARTstor", click the "Not registered?" link.
  4. Enter in your Middlebury email address and make up a password, then click SUBMIT.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent your email account. You should be automatically logged in to ARTstor and can now use all of the ARTstor services that Middlebury is subscribed for.

Signing in to ARTstor

  1. Go to www.artstor.org .
  2. Click the GO button near "Enter the ARTstor digital library".
  3. Look for a LOG IN button near "Log in to ARTstor".
  4. You should get a message "Welcome to ARTstor!" along with your email address.
  5. Enter your ARTstor email address and password (the email address will probably be the same as your Middlebury email, but you likely chose a different password) to log on.

Viewing course images

  1. Go to www.artstor.org and sign in.
  2. Look below the sign-in box for a link that says My folders & image groups. Click it.
  3. You should see a list of classes. Click the + sign next to your class.
  4. Select an image group from the image groups listed under that class, then click the Open button.
  5. The images will appear in a grid. Double-click on any image to view it larger.

You can also use the offline image viewer to download images onto your computer for frequent reference.

Downloading the ARTstor offline viewer

ARTstor has an offline image viewer tool that you can use to keep images on your computer. To my understanding, you do not need the viewer simply to view art images online.

  1. Go to www.artstor.org and sign in.
  2. Click Tools then Download offline presentation tool.
  3. Click "Accept" to the license agreement, then follow the instructions to install the image viewer. Only works with Windows XP or Vista, or Mac OS 10.4 or higher.

You should now be able to use the offline image viewer.

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