Accessing the Argos Reporting System

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Notes about accessing Argos

Sign into Argos from a browser that can run Java. We recommend using Internet Explorer.

  • After starting Argos, the first login screen will be for your Active Directory (AD) credentials like your email.
  • You may see a pop-up message window saying "Updates exist". Click OK.
  • When you run a report, you may be prompted for a username and password. This username and password will be your Banner INB username and password.

Trouble Logging Into Argos? Please file a helpdesk ticket via this shortcut to receive assistance Web Helpdesk

Argos environments

If you are a report user, please use the link below to access the production Argos reporting environment. The access to the system and reports within the system should mirror your access in the Hyperion EPM 11 reporting system.

Production -> https://dove.middlebury.edu/argos/

The development Argos reporting environment will be used primarily by report writers and datablock designers. An Argos administrator will need to create an account for you to access this system.

Development -> https://swift.middlebury.edu/argos/

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