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The following are links to ITS recommended accessories so that users and departments may directly purchase them themselves from Amazon. These are cables, adapters and peripherals that ITS has tested, are known to work, and that ITS can support.


USB-C port replicators/docks

These are mostly for Macbooks since they don't support actual docking stations, but will also work on our newer Dells that have USB-C ports. Each provides a network (RJ45) port, an HDMI port, and USB ports.

  • Anker 5-in-1. This is the one normally distributed with each Macbook. Had 3 USB ports.
  • Lenovo 6-in-1. Larger alternative, includes SD card reader and power passthrough but one less USB port.
  • Dell docking station: If you would like to purchase an additional dock for your Dell laptop, please contact the helpdesk for assistance. We get special pricing on these and ITS orders directly from Dell.


Mice and keyboards


These will work with both Dells and Macs. Apple no longer sells wired accessories.


ITS does not fund wireless accessories. Note that Apple wireless keyboards and mice no longer have replaceable batteries and so need to be repurchased each time the rechargeable battery wears out. Due to this and cost, ITS doesn't advise their purchase but they are usually available at the College Bookstore.

Note: wireless accessories operate at the same frequencies as wifi and can cause interference resulting in connectivity and performance issues for your computer any other users in your office. Because of this, wireless accessories are not advised unless absolutely necessary.


Other Peripherals



  • Surge supressor. Strongly recommended for all computers and other valuable equipment.
  • Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS). A UPS is basically a surge suppressor combined with a battery. The purpose of a UPS is to provide battery backup power in the event of a power dip or blackout to prevent data loss and give the user time to save their data and shut down properly. The more "VA", the longer the runtime (bigger the battery). Laptops already have batteries so they don't need a UPS (but laptops can still benefit from a surge suppressor). Be sure to only plug in critical things (computer and monitor) into the outlets marked "battery+surge" and everything else into the outlets marked "surge".
  • Monitor arm. Employees are encouraged to contact the helpdesk for assistance in attaching the monitor to the arm.
  • Laptop bag



  • Monitors are considered computing equipment and per college policy, monitor purchases need to be done through ITS.
  • Monitors are extremely nuanced, with the important specs being hidden and confusing to many users. Most models you'll find are significantly below the standards of what ITS issues to employees and will not provide you the extra screen space you think you're getting. Please contact the helpdesk or enter a ticket with your monitor request so that an ITS staff member can discuss your monitor needs and options. ITS will handle ordering the monitors through our Dell sales rep with our special pricing, as well as arrange to have it properly connected and configured for you. We have 22", 24", and 27" models we order along with 4K options.


Cables and adapters

Items in this category can be confusing and nuanced. Note the "To" and "From" as many cables will only work in one direction. Not all types of ports can be converted. If you have any questions about what you need for your situation, please contact the helpdesk for assistance.

Not sure what connections you have/need? Consult this guide

BiDir = same cable as opposite direction
DP = DisplayPort
TB2 = Thunderbolt 2. Looks identical to mini-DP but has added capability. For video only, see the mini-DP options.
TB3 = Thunderbolt 3. Looks identical to USB-C but has added capability. For video only, see the USB-C options.
n/a = Nature of the connection makes this not easy/applicable

Network Adapter Adapter  See USB-C n/a Mac only n/a n/a n/a
Mini-DP n/a Cable   Cable   BiDir n/a n/a
DP n/a Cable   Cable   Cable n/a n/a
TB2 n/a   Mac only   Cable   n/a n/a
DVI n/a Cable   Cable   Cable BiDir Cable
HDMI n/a Cable




  Cable Cable Cable
USB-C n/a Extension   n/a   n/a n/a n/a
TB3 n/a n/a Cable n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
USB Extension Adapter See USB-C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Cables on Amazon change frequently. If you find that one linked above is no longer available, please contact sremick@middlebury.edu



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